PhotoDesignArt was established by Thomas Ernsing as a result of his collaboration and work as a creative PR consultant to artists, galleries, and interior design companies in New York, the U.S. and Germany.

Thomas Ernsing, a (former) business consultant, is currently preoccupied with turning a former industrial building in Haan, Rheinland/Germany, into an art and culture centre. The idea is to entice and encourage, among others, American artists and designers to show their art and design work in Germany, respectively Europe. The 4,000 sft facilities are situated in the heart of Germany between Düsseldorf, Cologne and the industrial Rhein-Ruhr area. The background image might give the viewer an impression about the space.

Recent clients and references:

Alp Galleries, LLC. (New York/Frankfurt fine art gallery)
Aswoon Platform (design)
Aswoon/Susan Woods Studio, LLC. (interior design)
Cristina de Santana (artist)
Deutscher Verein (executive club)
Kornbrennerei Haan (gallery)
Julia Mau (model)
MWWilson (artist)
Schneiders USA (fashion)
Transatlantic Investor Relations (banking)



Am Ideck 30
42781 Haan, Deutschland


63 Flushing Ave. - Unit 347
Brooklyn, NY 11205
Galerie auf 14 Jay St. in DUMBO, Brooklyn, New York, USA


[email protected]

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