PhotoDesignArt provides comprehensive services in the domains of digital photography, web and graphic design as well as art consulting.

Moreover, we support people from the creative sector, collectors, and individuals in the areas of interior design and art, and DesignArt.

We acknowledge that "DesignArt" is an unfortunate term. The term was coined by the auctionhouse Phillips de Pury. Calling something "DesignArt" doesn't imbue it with artistic qualities, but helps to sell it. Nor does remaking an object in a classical material make it classic. One can quibble about what "classic" means, but broadly speaking it's something so distinctive in function, concept, looks, or composition that it changes the course of design. That's what we call "createoversy" - on the role of DesignArt in a bloated consumer culture. From Alice Rawsthorn, IHT Oct. 2008


©PhotoDesignArt 2009, all rights reserved - Photography by Thomas Ernsing - Leica M8, 35mm, no flash

event: powerHousebooks reception in Brooklyn, New York, April 2008

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